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> ENFM Services:

  • Physicals for adults, children and newborns

  • Sports and camp physicals

  • Pre-employment exams

  • Gynecology services:
    including Pap smears, birth control consultations and management

  • Management of chronic illnesses with a focus on long term prevention and healthy lifestyle

  • Acute illness care with walk-in availability

  • Minor surgical needs including laceration repair

  • Full laboratory services

  • Digital X-ray

  • Basic mental health care, with discussion of counseling options

  • Screening for sexually transmitted illnesses and counseling

  • Urgent care after hours and weekend availability for walk-ins

  • DOT physicals, occupational medicine and drug screens

  • Electronic health records 

> COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Office Protocols
  • In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to update you on what to do if you feel you have (or may have been exposed to) coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • If you have fever, cough and shortness of breath:
    1. Call our office (615-469-5555). We will triage you over the phone.
    2. If we ask you to come in to the office, please do not enter the building on arrival. Rather, call our office from your car to notify us that you are here. We will then help you to come into our office in such a way as to minimize risk to our other patients and staff.

  • Currently, we have very limited ability to do testing for COVID-19. We are hopeful that we will be able to do more tests soon (possibly as early as next week), but please realize we can only test patients who are at highest risk of having COVID-19 at this time, or patients who are most likely to get severely ill should they have COVID-19. This is due to the very limited supply of tests available. We are all working to do the best we can with the resources we have. If you are relatively healthy and have mild symptoms, the good news is that it is highly unlikely that you have COVID-19- the bad news is that we will be unable to test you for COVID-19.

  • Self-quarantining is the most helpful thing you can do if you are sick. If you have had contact with someone with COVID-19, see below. If you are sick but have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, we recommend that you stay at home and avoid others to the maximal extent possible until you are feeling better.

  • If you have been exposed to someone who has been confirmed to have COVID-19:
    CALL our office. We will help you coordinate with the health department for symptom monitoring and self-quarantine instructions.

  • For more information, see the: Metro Department of Heath Coronavirus page OR the: CDC Coronavirus page.

  • We consider it a privilege to get to serve and care for you, and we look forward to supporting, assisting and caring for you through these challenging times.

We have changed office protocols for the safety of our patients and staff.

  • For scheduled appointments:
    Please come at scheduled time but do not enter the office. Please use your cell phone to call from your car to notify us you are here. We will then collect necessary information for your appointment by phone. The nurse will then call you when we are ready to see you. They will have you come in directly from your car to the examination room. This will cut down on exposure and allow us extra ability to clean in between patients.

  • For walk in patients:
    We may ask you to wait in your car until the provider is ready to see you.

  • For those without cell phones and during inclement weather when not safe to wait in car, we will still try to place patient immediately in an examination room.

  • Please be patient as we are taking our time to clean and also do much patient care by phone.

  • We are trying to reschedule nonessential visits for patients with stable health issues, for whom it is safer to stay home at this time.

  • This protocol may change as we come up with better ideas for everyone's health and safety and as we receive additional guidance from the health department.

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